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Simply upload your audio, search for your favorite song or pick one from Spotify and let our sound wave maker help you create stunning sound waves.

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Audio file or Spotify

Upload a sound file or pick a song using our search tool to generate a sound wave

Customize Your Sound Wave

Use our many tools to customize your sound wave art to make something special

Download the Sound Wave

Download your sound wave as PNG, vector or in various other formats and sizes

Want some inspiration to get started?

Take a look at our template designs and pick one that inspires you.

Template design Space


Blending various tones of gray and black to emphasize the simplicity of and calmness of space.

Start with this template
Template design Forest Walk

Forest Walk

Combining colors of the forest with a soundwave for a more natural feel.

Start with this template
Template design Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Vibrant tones of pink, purple, and blue with a white soundwave for a more energic and lively vibe.

Start with this template
Template design Vortex


Vortex merges monochromic colors of gray and black with a white soundwave. It provides a darker, more mature tone.

Start with this template

Music Visualizer Highlights

Music sound waves vector and png

Our music sound wave images are available in many different formats including vector and PNG. With up to 12000px resolution, these waveform visuals are perfect for use in your digital design.

Music visualizer online

Everything you need to make a great music sound wave art works straight from your browser. You don't need to download or install any apps. Our fast and intuitive music visualizer is ready to help you create amazing music sound waves online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a music sound wave?

Sound waves are visual representations of sound data. There are many ways of generating sound waves from music, but the easiest way to make visaully appealing audio waves is to use a music visualizer like WaveVisual. Our editor includes a tool that allows you to search a song from Spotify's music library.

How can I personalize music sound waves?

You can personalize music waveforms using our waveform editor. Just upload your music or choose a song from Spotify. Then, use the personalization options in our editor to modify colors, background, waveform style, and more.


Single Order

$8.99/ design

  • Maximum image quality for printing (300 DPI)
  • Link and QR code to your audio and sound wave
  • Export as PNG, JPG, SVG (Vector), PDF (Vector)
  • Custom background image
  • Commercial license


Pay annually (save 40%)


$25/ month

  • Everything included in Single order
  • 100 digital orders per month


$50/ month

  • Everything included in Single order
  • 250 digital orders per month


$200/ month

  • Everything included in Single order
  • 1200 digital orders per month
  • Custom canvas sizes (contact us)
  • Custom automation tools (contact us)

Credit Packs

Pay once, keep your credits forever.

100 Sound Wave Art


  • Everything included in Single order
  • 100 digital orders

250 Sound Wave Art

Most popular


  • Everything included in Single order
  • 250 digital orders

1000 Sound Wave Art


  • Everything included in Single order
  • 1000 digital orders

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