What's new in WaveVisual

QR codes on artworks (September 10, 2021)

Perhaps the best advantage of customised digital artworks is the unique ways we have to present the artwork. Two months ago, I have published a feature to animate your sound wave while playing the audio you have uploaded. Now I'm adding a new way to share a link to this page and make it more accessible within the artwork. Introducing QR codes in artworks.

QR code in artwork example

You can now generate a QR code for your design and import it in your sound wave artwork. This will allow you to print the QR code while printing your artwork and provide a way for anyone to simply scan the sound wave and playback the audio that the waveform is based.

Subscription plans

After a long time spent contemplating and coding, I'm happy to present to you the new subscription plans! WaveVisual now presents two subscription plans that provide different number of export credits that you can use to purchase your sound wave arts. They're tailored towards businesses that require higher number of orders each month.

If you need such a plan but cannot see one that fits your needs, contact us via the live chat or by mailing to contact@wavevisual.com. We'll discuss options and try to accommodate a custom plan for you.

Spotify link form

Playing sound wave

The sound wave now gains reality with an animation while you're listening to the audio that was uploaded. With this update, the permanent link to your design now includes a play option to listen the audio using the sound wave player.

This feature currently only works with audio files and not with Spotify links. The reason for that is due to the copyright issues around playing music from Spotify on a non-Spotify website like WaveVisual. I'll continue researching the topic and will try to provide this feature for Spotify links as well.


Spotify integration

Have you noticed our new audio source yet? WaveVisual now accepts Spotify links as an audio source along with audio files. Simply copy a song link from Spotify and paste it WaveVisual's form. The editor will fetch the song and convert it into an audio waveform that you can download.