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WaveVisual helps you create your unique sound wave art based on a sound of your choice. Simply upload your audio or start with a sample.


Simply select the audio file and we'll convert it to a sound wave for you.

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Select and upload your favourite songs or recordings to generate a sound wave art

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  • Print quality resolution
  • Link to your audio and sound wave
  • Export as PNG, JPG, SVG (Vector)
  • Commercial license
$5.99/ per design
  • Everything included in PRO
  • 30 designs per month
$25/ per month
  • Everything included in PRO
  • 100 designs per month
$50/ per month

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sources of sounds/songs can I use?

There are two ways to input your recording or your song to generate sound waves.

  • You can upload your audio file or
  • you can paste a Spotify Link to a song.

WaveVisual processes your input and generates a sound wave based on the source of your choice.

Which image file formats are supported by WaveVisual?

WaveVisual allows you to export your designs in PNG, SVG and JPEG formats. If you are not sure which one to choose, here is a quick explanation:

  • PNG images are high quality images that can be transparent.
  • JPEG images usually have smaller file sizes but they cannot be transparent.
  • SVG images are vector images that can scale up or down without losing any quality. These images would be the best choice if you want to import your sound wave design on another design tool.

How can I play my audio?

After an audio is uploaded, you will see a play button on the top left corner of your screen. Clicking this button will start the audio and the sound wave playing animation.

What is the export resolution?

Images are exported in 300 DPI (dots per inch) to provide the maximum quality for printing. The exact resolution will depend on the canvas size you chose but in general they a width of 12000 pixels or 40 inches.

Can I resell or use my designs commercially?

Once you purchase your design by paying or using a credit, you acquire the right to use that image any way you see fit. This includes any commercial usage including reselling or placing them in other commercial products.

How does WaveVisual generate audio waveforms?

WaveVisual analyses the audio file you upload and create a waveform of bars with various heights that represents the loudness of the audio at any given moment. For example if your audio starts relatively silent and gets louder as it progresses, the sound wave WaveVisual will generate will be a series of bars that transition from shorter to longer.

How can I download?

While on the Editor page, you can simply click or tap on the Download tab to view download options.

Which audio file formats are supported?

The following audio file formats are supported by our editor:


How can I save?

Designs are automatically saved and current browser location is accordingly updated. You can see the save status of your design at the top of your screen.

I have a problem or a question

The quickest way to contact us would be by using the live chat on our website. We'll respond as soon as possible; probably within an hour. We'll do our best to help you.

What happens to my leftover credits at the end of the month?

Your leftover credits stay in your account indefinitely. Even after you cancel your subscription, the credits you already paid for will not be removed.