Generating Sound Waves from Spotify Songs

With its massive music library, Spotify is one of the best places to discover new music. That makes a great source to get inspiration with sound waves. So we've armed WaveVisual with a new feature to generate the audio waveforms of songs from Spotify.

We start by going to the WaveVisual editor. There, we'll click on "From Spotify" button as seen below.

From Spotify button on desktop

The same button is also prominently visible on the mobile.

Fromt Spotify button on mobile

WaveVisual identifies the songs on Spotify by checking their Spotify song links. Therefore, we'll need to head to Spotify to copy this link for a specific song.

Spotify link form

As seen below, navigating to a specific song on Spotify, right clicking on it and then clicking on Share > Copy Song Link will get us the link we need.

Copying a song link from Spotify

After pasting this link on the editor, WaveVisual will fetch this link and confirm the song it belongs to.

Filled out Spotify link form

After confirming that it is the correct song, WaveVisual will fetch relevant audio information from Spotify and visualise it. Now you can use our various editing tools to customise your design.

Go ahead and give it a try! If you have any questions, feel free to text to us via the live chat.

Let's start designing

That was all the knowledge you needed. Go ahead and try our editor on Generate your sound wave art and customize it for free.